Safety Staff and Crowd Management - Leeds First ()

In June 1999, we were awarded the contract by Birse Construction to provide on track safety personnel for the Leeds First Project. This £165m high profile project involved major structural work on the station and track approaches and we provided a wide range of on track safety personnel. Unlike agency staff, all personnel were directly employed by us and equipped with the necessary transport, PPE, equipment, site information and documentation. We were also able to provide continuity of personnel – a particularly important factor in any major project. Our experienced Operations Management team provided a high profile on site presence with regular site inspections and assessments to monitor staff performance. All Controllers of Site Safety and Engineering Supervisors were issued with a project site file and documentation to provide a complete audited project guide and checklist. Our Operations Managers attended regular planning meetings, countering potential problems and issuing site induction packs.

We were also contracted by Railtrack (now Network Rail) to provide crowd management personnel and safety barrier installation to control the movement of passengers on platforms where major work was being carried out. This was achieved through effective planning and deployment of staff, many from ex-police and military backgrounds with excellent communications, problem-solving and organisational skills. 

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