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Course Outline:
Railsafe Systems has designed a safety critical communications workshop to help railway employees improve their telephone and radio communication skills.

The workshop combines classroom briefing with practical exercises. It is aimed at delegates who have previously received formal training in safety communication and who use the skill regularly in their work. It can be delivered at any location suitable to the customer.

The workshop develops an understanding of the causes of poor communications in the railway environment and raises awareness of the hazards arising from poor communications. It highlights the benefits of following the correct
communications protocols and develops confidence in communications skills.

Course Content and Duration:
The workshop is delivered over one day and is suitable for between four and twelve delegates.

The course content is designed specifically for the customer so that the examples used and situations discussed are most relevant to the customer’s activities and requirements. The basis structure of the course comprises:
• A communications quiz
• Presentation and discussion sessions covering the key principles and reasons why poor communications develop
• Incident reviews—reviewing real incidents that were caused by poor communications
• A number of practical exercises that highlight the dangers of poor communications (e.g. Chinese Whispers) and that enable delegates to analyse bad safety communications and practice the principles of good communications

There is a written assessment at the end of the workshop using a combination of multiple choice and scenario based questions to check the learning and understanding of delegates. This is followed by a one to one feedback session with the trainer and each delegate.

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