Safety Critical Staff, Nexus ()

In August 2000, we were approached by Tyne & Wear transport executive, Nexus, to provide rail safety services for the Tyne & Wear Metro ‘Sunderland Direct’ project. This work involved extending the existing system to Sunderland and involved Metro trains running over Network Rail infrastructure between Pelaw Junction, near Gateshead and Sunderland, and during the planning and construction phases, a major interface between the 2 railway systems at a number of locations.

The Metro has its own rules and procedures to protect personnel working on the line. Because of our experience in rail operations and track safety in the north east, Nexus felt that we could provide the key skills to ensure that the interface arrangements worked effectively at Pelaw Junction and elsewhere during this critical phase. Selected members of our team were trained in the Metro’s systems, rules and procedures for track safety to undertake a wide range of track safety activities, including Person in Charge (PIC), Man in Charge of Track Access (MICTA), Trainmaster and Lookout.

We understand that we were the first external Company to have personnel trained in and conducting Metro track safety systems and procedures. Our personnel have been involved in work on a number of sites on the Metro network, working closely with Metro Control, Network Rail (formerly Railtrack) and contractors on site carrying out on track and overhead line equipment work. We have also provided operations management support in the planning and performance of the work, including site inspections and audits, and safety training for Nexus personnel.

The feedback from Metro operating personnel and Nexus has been extremely positive and we are proud of our involvement in the ‘Sunderland Direct’ project that has been instrumental in bringing major public transport improvements to Tyne and Wear.

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