Fail to plan, plan to fail. It’s an old adage, but one that could have been invented for the railway. As more and more companies tender for work in the UK rail sector, all projects from graffiti removal to large track renewals require careful planning and preparation. All work on Network Rail infrastructure must be pre-planned in accordance with line standards. Infrasafe provides a full planning service to these standards and is RISQS accredited to provide Railway Interface Planning. Our planners are trained to the highest competency and have the capability to input your work sites to ensure publication in the Weekly Operating Notice (WON).

Our planning team has the required knowledge and expertise to:

  • Input Engineering Possessions applications into Network Rail's Possession Planning System (PPS)
  • Conduct daily checks of the PPS system to monitor possessions and worksite applications
  • Manage any cancellations
  • Complete a Railway Business Case and Access & Resource Planning Change Request Forms (ARPCR) for late requests.
  • Attend all Pre-Possession Planning Meetings up to and including the PICOP Briefing.
  • Plan isolations (where possessions, isolations or both), making requests and ensuring paper compliance and completing required paperwork
  • Submit line blockage applications
  • Plan and input of Line Blockages to be published in the Weekly Operating Notice (WON) that require the stoppage of all trains onto the PPS.
  • Complete all necessary possession documentation
  • Produce a Possession Plan and update clients weekly on the status of their work sites
  • General liaison with Network Rail  
  • Identify and highlight any worksite conflicts
  • Arrange and provide administration of Temporary Visitor Permits (TVPs)
  • Provide additional site visits to confirm relevant information 

For all of your possession planning requirements, please contact Brian Cairns at or on 0191 499 0024.