Not only is it anti-social and an eye sore, but graffiti can be an expensive problem costing the UK over £1bn a year. It can also impact on safety and Infrasafe provides quick and easy graffiti removal solutions at affordable pricing. Using high-pressure water cleaning equipment combined with non-hazardous graffiti removal chemicals, we can provide an initial cleaning service which will transform the affected areas without harming the surface. Projects can be based on fixed price or price per coverage area and we can provide ongoing maintenance, dependent on your needs. Our clients include builders, construction contractors, property developers, housing associations, local authorities, transport and infrastructure controllers and general businesses.

Infrasafe is a specialist in railway graffiti removal. The Company is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Standard registered. All graffiti removal work is planned in accordance to relevant legislation and full safety plans and COSHH assessments are undertaken on behalf of our clients. All of our team are safety competent and possess a range of construction skills for associated groundworks and 'making good work'.

For information on our graffiti removal services, please contact us or get in touch with Brian Cairns at or on 0191 499 0024.