(COSS) Controller of Site Safety Recert

Track Safety Training

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Duration of course: 4 Days

Maximum no. of Candidates: 9  (Minimum 3)

Course aims:
This course is intended for candidates who currently can set up a safe system of work on Network Rail’s infrastructure and wish to be re-certificated. It also covers Personal Track Safety re-certification.

Upon successful completion of the course candidates will be able to:
• Demonstrate that they can set up a safe system of work on the railway
• Continue to act as a Controller Of Site Safety on Network Rail’s infrastructure in accordance with industry standards

Other information
• Following successful completion of the course Infrasafe will register your certification with Sentinel
• Re-certification is required every two years and consists of a three day classroom based course and assessment

Our modern training centre in Gateshead, Tyne & Wearor we can arrange training at a location to suit your needs

Course Content:
• Introduction
• The need for re-certification
• Course workbooks - PTS/DCCR/COSS/PC (if applicable)
• Course workbook reviews and further training
• Communicating Clearly
• How to give an Effective Safety Briefing
• Revision
• Theory Assessments - PTS/DCCR/COSS/PC (if applicable)
• Verbal re-assessments
• Green Zone Scenario exercises - COSS/PC (if applicable)
• Red Zone Scenario exercise
• Theory, practical and Verbal assessments
• Feedback and Post Course Objectives
• OLP/CRP (Optional)


COSS Workbook:


PDF document: Click here to view/download/print the course PDF document