Recession-buster Creates New Jobs ()

New construction jobs are being created throughout the North as Infrasafe has announced expansion plans to break out of the recession - and improve the region’s infrastructure.

Infrasafe declared war on potholes at its launch on Feb 1 and launched an immediate recruitment campaign to offer cash-strapped local authorities a ready workforce of skilled and safety trained labour.

The offer, and an intense marketing campaign, came after it was revealed that the UK roads are blighted with 1.3 million potholes, many caused by the severe winter.

Infrasafe, based at Blaydon, has brought construction recruitment, commercial rail and road safety and infrastructure services under one roof and provides across the board services for strictly controlled areas such as trackside and major roads.

The company emerged from Railsafe Systems which was launched after rail privatisation fifteen years ago. It offers recruitment, training, construction, maintenance, repairs and environmental services such as graffiti removal and fly tipping clearance to both local authorities and the private sector.

Infrasafe can take possession of lengths of track from Network Rail for repairs, maintenance or renewal. This requires careful management and planning and highly trained on and off site personnel. The company has worked on stretches including the Tyne Wear Metro, Carlisle/Settle, the London North East zone and in the Leeds area.

Chief Executive Les Savory: “We manage general construction projects and are recruiting skilled trades people now for upcoming project work. We provide a wide range of services to the rail and road industry including construction, maintenance and repairs. These services require a variety of skills from builders to electricians and we are looking for fully qualified trades people to join our reputed team.

“In the rail industry, it’s not possible for anyone to walk onto the track and start work. We are providing free of charge rail training to allow new recruits to work on Network Rail infrastructure. The severe winter has created work throughout the North and be it repairing pot holes, clearing graffiti, road marking, track work or supplying bricklayers and fencers, we have the workforce to deal with it.”