Celebrating a Decade of Railway Possession Management Success ()

In October 2009 Infrasafe (previously Railsafe) celebrated a decade of providing rail possession management services along the Settle - Carlisle line. Infrasafe is directly contracted to Network Rail for LNW works and was initially approached by First Engineering to design a system capable of dealing safely and effectively with single possessions of 70 miles in length, up to 1100 train and on-track machine movements, and numerous work sites within the possession during the month long blockade.

With the complexity of the possession, we created the industry’s first magnetic track diagrams - static boards that mirrored the layout on the ground and acted as a visual aid to enable the Senior PICOP to make minute-by-minute operating decisions, ensuring the safe control of all rail movements and work.

Despite the length of possession (one of the longest controlled by one person in recent railway history), the complexity of the operation and the number of train and on track machine movements, the system developed by Infrasafe worked magnificently. It has been acknowledged by all parties as having made a valuable contribution to the successful and ongoing safety and operating performance of the project.

We were therefore delighted with the announcement that ABC, the American news network has named the Settle-Carlisle line the second best train journey in the world (ranked above the orient express). The line passes through inspired scenery, and Infrasafe ensures that beauty is combined with practicality and safe track operations. Our team of safety operatives is fully PTS competent from lookouts to senior PICOPs, all fully equipped and project briefed. We are a Link Up Approved Supplier (0701.1001.SER) of possession management services.

For further information on this project or how we can help with your requirements, Please contact Brian Cairns at brianc@infrasafe.co.uk.